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BKIC Ltd can deal with all your bookkeeping and accounting requirements including the preparation of your annual accounts.

Your annual accounts are a legal requirement in order to calculate your correct tax liability for the year. For limited companies there is also a requirement for annual accounts to be filed, in an abbreviated form, at Companies House.

We will ensure that your books and records are always kept up to date and help you to keep track of who owes you money (and who you owe money to as well!)

At BKIC Ltd, we offer a comprehensive bookkeeping service designed to take away the hassle and free you to concentrate on what you do best. Call
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Just as importantly, however, your annual accounts tell YOU how your business is performing. To get a more accurate idea, you need to account for income and expenditure as and when it arises, and make other allowances and provisions that may be necessary (such as allowing for stocks of goods you have in hand).

As accountants, we will produce your accounts in a timely fashion in order to enable you to meet your legal requirements. We also give you any help we can in interpreting the accounts so that you can know exactly how your business is performing.
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BKIC Ltd can deal with all your bookkeeping requirements including the preparation of your quarterly VAT returns. Based in Erdington we offer our services to the surrounding area including Walsall, Great Barr and Smethwick.

Bookkeeping is the starting point for your business’s financial records. Without recording your sales and purchases, it would be impossible to keep track of how your business is performing. In addition, the Inland Revenue require businesses to maintain “proper” books and records of the business’s activities. 

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