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BKIC Ltd can deal with the majority of the legal obligations involved in running your business as a properly registered limited company.

In addition to researching and advising you on the eligibility of the chosen name of your limited company, we also offer a complete company formation service. 

Based in Erdington we cover the surrounding area including Birmingham, West Bromwich and Walsall.

If you need any help to run your business as a limited company 
please call BKIC Ltd on: 
0121 350 2211


Our company formation service includes providing you with Certificate of Incorporation and a copy of the new company’s Articles of Association (the rules governing how the company is run), as well as dealing with the issue of share capital and the appointment of the first directors of the company.

Once your company is up and running, we will liaise with HMRC on your behalf to register the company for corporation tax and to set-up a PAYE scheme for you and your employees.
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Every year your limited company will need to file its annual accounts at both Companies House and with HMRC, and also make an Annual Return to Companies House showing all the current statutory information of the company. BKIC Ltd can handle these matters on your behalf and ensure that all appropriate deadlines are met and that you do not incur the automatic fines and penalties charged as a result of failing to file on time.

We can also deal with any additional forms that are required from time to time, such as changes of registered office address, appointments and resignation of directors, etc.

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