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Choose BKIC Ltd for your bookkeeping requirements


It is imperative to submit your year end accounts to HMRC, to calculate the correct tax charge for the year. By enlisting BKIC Ltd's bookkeeping services, you are removing the risk of any associated fines or penalties. Additionally, if you are a Limited Company, you are also legally obliged to file your yearly records to Companies House in a simplified form. Let us simplify the process, and keep your ledger up to date; you can sync with both who is to supply you (and) who you must pay.

Annual accounts

By having an annual account, you can precisely understand the level to which your business is currently at. While it is possible to observe customers, stocks and orders, the financial aspect of the enterprise should also be taken into consideration. Therefore, to acquire a more proficient notion, you should keep records of income and costs in a timely fashion as it occurs, and in addition provide for goods that are still in hand.

Our team of accounting professionals will assist you to submit your annual accounts in a prompt manner to respect legal results. Furthermore, we can provide you with aid by interpreting the accounts to ascertain the precise performance of your business.

Financial Records

Bookkeeping is a must for any enterprise striving for success. Without keeping tabs of purchases and sales, it is virtually impossible to keep abreast of any business's finances and to gauge its success. The Inland Revenue mandates that records are kept of all business dealings.

BKIC Ltd, located in Erdington, provides bookkeeping services to businesses in adjacent places such as Walsall, Great Barr, Smethwick and Birmingham.

Keep your finances in order with the bookkeeping service from BKIC Ltd in Birmingham.

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