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Professional payroll services for your business

Are you in need of assistance with your payroll and CIS requirements? If so, BKIC Ltd can provide all the necessary help. No matter the size of your business, looking after your staff’s compensation is of utmost importance. Unfortunately, this can be a real drain on a business’s resources which could otherwise be used more productively.

Payroll experts in Birmingham

At BKIC Ltd, we are committed to offering a comprehensive service to simplify your payroll. We will prepare and submit your year-end returns, and provide you with a choice of either weekly or monthly payslips to ensure accurate payments to employees.

Not only will we calculate all compulsory tax and national insurance contributions for each payment, but we can also process expense claims and submit P11D forms for you.

Personalised payroll services

Take away the headache and cost of having to permanently employ someone to manage payroll for your business. BKIC Ltd provides a reasonable, custom fit solution to satisfy your company's needs.

We are more than willing to meet and assess from our Erdington station, providing to our many customers residing in Birmingham and close proximity. Ease the burden and employ our staff today to achieve the highest quality service.

For tailored payroll services that meet your needs.

Contact BKIC Ltd in Birmingham via email today.